Windows Mail Support

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An app integrated in Windows Vista, Windows Mail is primarily an email and newsgroup client from Windows. Successor to the Outlook Express, Windows Mail was first released by Microsoft in 2005. Unlike its predecessor, Windows Mail is not a part of Internet Explorer. This in fact is not available for all the earlier versions of Windows that were released before Windows XP. Windows Live Mail has overshadowed the popularity of Windows Mail and this latter release is often touted to be a replacement of Outlook Express for PCs using the Windows XP Operating system.

Windows Mail with newer, interactive features surpasses the Outlook Express in many aspects. Offering better storage of mail message that is more organized, this does not save the account setup info in registry that the Outlook Express actually did. This new app also packs in an improved ability to keep security threats at bay by offering enhanced protection for malwares that can enter PCs through some notorious websites.

The complex structure of Windows Mail makes it rather difficult for PC users to know this completely. This is where experts play their part by offering support, solutions and answers to help users enjoy a great computing experience.

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