Trojan Removal

Need Help Removing the Trojan Virus?

Dial our 855 number, or contact us online for help with removing Trojan Horse Computer Viruses.

How to Remove the Trojan Virus

At Solution Daddy, we make it easy to remove viruses. Just contact us any day or any time, holidays and weekends included and after a short setup, one of our Support Xperts will start fixing your computer and removing all of your viruses.

We make it easy, too. Everything happens over your broadband Internet connection. This means that you won't have to disconnect your computer and drag it out to a service center, nor will you need to invite strangers into your home. Just contact us and we'll immediately get to work on finding and fixing the following:

  • Computer viruses
  • Conficker virus
  • Alureon trojan
  • Mocmex trojan
  • Stinger virus
  • Botnets
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Keyloggers
  • Worms
  • Nyxem worm
  • Warezov worm
  • Bifrost trojan
  • Zlob trojan
  • Any new threats that appear

What is a Trojan Horse Virus?

By definition a Trojan horse virus (more commonly known as Trojan virus) is a software package that is "in disguise" as a useful program but actually allows a hacker or other malicious software access to your computer to do any or all of the following:

  • Data theft and keylogging (passwords or credit card info)
  • Downloading or uploading of files
  • Installing other malware
  • Identity theft
  • Destroy system files
  • Connect to a botnet to perform email spamming
  • Kill security software like antivirus and firewall programs
  • Allow total access to your system files

Your computer can be infected by a trojan horse in many ways including; website ads that contain executables or ActiveX controls, email attachments and software downloads (especially from file sharing networks). Removing them is sometimes as easy as being infected but sometimes it's a little more difficult.

Most antivirus programs can remove most infections but if you find that your computer is still acting funny or running slower than it should be, you might need a little heavier firepower to get them out. There are other options besides relying on your antivirus suite; some of them are even free. An example of this would be a free Trojan virus removal tool called Malwarebytes (it does all kinds of malware).

If you want to try to tackle the problem yourself, you can download the free version from their website. This software is updated daily and is somewhat reliable in detecting and removing malware. However, if you feel more comfortable with having help from someone with a little more experience in these matters then just give us a call and we'll be happy to help! We can even completely scan your system to make sure that it's totally clean and running at peak performance. We use the latest tools that are tried and tested to give you the peace of mind in knowing your data is safe and secure.