Moving From Dial-up to Cable

If you've got a cable provider for your TV, chances are the cable company has offered you a package deal to include access to the Internet and possibly even telephone all on one bill. Along with the "blazing fast speed" promised by those high-speed services comes the increased risk of downloaded viruses and malware that has been designed to search across the Internet, looking for vulnerable computers without proper protection, your computer can get infected, even if you never click on a bad link or open an infected email attachment.

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Router Setup

Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do their own cable modem installation and setup. There are significant safety risks involved if the equipment is not properly grounded, and they want to ensure that you have equipment that is compatible and configured to work with their network. Check with your ISP before you decide to try to save a little money by buying and setting up a router yourself, because they may have a flat fee whether or not you let them do the installation and setup. Also, doing it yourself may have an impact on future technical support options. If you ever have any trouble with your cable connection in the future, you may find that there is very limited support from your ISP if they did not provide and install the modem.

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