Router Setup

Get unmatched support to setup routers, both wired and wireless, at Solution Daddy.

Routers are networking devices used to link internet connection on multiple computers. This is important because Internet Service Providers do not allow computer users to connect more than one computer to the modem. Most households today have more than one computer and the same is true in organizations, where many PCs work on a single internet connection. Router set up thus ensures that internet connectivity on all the connected systems remain stable.

Typically router is a wired device which has multiple ports that are used to plug in network cables linking to different computers. While LAN routers with four to five ports are popular among home user, still one with more ports called WAN is used at offices/organizations. The router functions by offering IP or Internet Protocol address to the connected computers while taking address from the internet source connected to the WAN or LAN port.

Router set up although simple, but sometimes may need assistance. Especially when there are issues in connectivity, even after all the connected machines have been wired to the router. Issues in the form of improper wiring or installation may appear. But, experts now offering the needed assistance, getting router set up accomplished with ease seem easier for home and business users.

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