Bit Defender

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BitDefender, ace antivirus software, was developed by Softwin, a Romania based Software Company, in the year 2001. With newer versions getting released, the most current in this line is the thirteenth version which was released officially in August 2010. With improved features regarding protection and performance, BitDefender is truly a boon for offering users an amazing experience. With improved add-ons like performance optimizer and search advisor this truly is one of the most advanced antivirus software users can cling onto in order to enjoy a virus free computing experience.

More from the BitDefender arsenal is an anti-spyware, privacy control app, Personal firewall feature and an amazing control and back up utility for both business and home users. Also, if seeking for the enhanced apps, users can find them in the Total Security Suite which packs Performance Optimizer and PC Tune up alongside all the regular additions.

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